Meet the OM Experts

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Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic


Clinical Pharmacist

Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic is a Clinical Pharmacist and NAMS credentialed Menopause Practitioner NCMP, practicing in a primary care setting with Hamilton Family Health Team

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Dr. George Adesina, MD, MSPH, FAAC


George Adesina, MD, MSPH, FAAC is an Adult Noninvasive and Imaging Cardiologist in the Texas Medical Center. Dr. Adesina’s professional passions include cardiovascular disease prevention, community outreach, and raising awareness to reduce healthcare disparities.

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Amanda Thebe

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Amanda There is Canada’s first menopause coach and educator. Amanda provides on-site or virtual educational presentations in the workplace to improve productivity, retention and attendance for female employees through menopause.

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Disha Narang, MD

Endocrinologist, Obesity, and Culinary Medicine Specialist

Dr. Narang is a leading endocrinologist, obesity, and culinary medicine specialist, and current Director of Obesity Medicine at her institution

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Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD

Certified Sex Therapist

Bat Sheva Marcus, Ph.D has spent her life helping women reclaim pleasure in their bodies and spirit and her career has been dedicated to bridging the gap between the medical and the psychological in women’s sexual health.

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Dr. Kristi DeSapri


Dr. Kristi Tough DeSapri is a board certified internist specializing in midlife women’s health and is regarded as a national leader in the field of osteoporosis and menopause management.

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Hazel Walpole


Hazel is a qualified physiotherapist and clinical Pilates educator. She has worked for many years in Hong Kong treating musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. 

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Gigi Ngan

Certified TCM Practitioner

Gigi is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner accredited from one of the most respected TCM universities in the world - Hong Kong University - and has practiced in numerous clinics and hospitals in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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Dr. Marjorie R. Jenkins


Dr. Jenkins is a well-recognized expert in women’s health and sex and gender-based medicine and has served in a variety of national roles such as Program Chair of the 2015 and 2018 National Sex and Gender Health Professional Education Summits and co-Chair of the Reproduction Workgroup of NASA’s Decadal Review.

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Dr. Dov Feldberg, MD

Reproductive Endocrinologist

Professor Dov Feldberg, MD is one of the most sought-after fertility experts globally, as well as a highly experienced gynecologist. He has more than 30 years of clinical experience and specializes in all types of fertility treatments.

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Dr. Megan Riehl, PsyD

GI Psychologist

Dr. Megan Riehl, is a GI psychologist at the University of Michigan who has lectured internationally in the area of psychogastroenterology and is considered a leader in her field.

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Dr. Annice Mukherjee,


Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr. Annice is a leading U.K. hormone specialist, speaker, and author with three decades of experience in hospital medicine. Her specialism in hormones in men and women has always focused on optimizing the quality of life and health in relation to medical and hormone problems.

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Dr. Jenna Macciochi, Ph.D


Immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi specializes in understanding how nutrition, movement, and lifestyle interact with the immune system in health and disease.

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Dr. Kelly Casperson, MD


Dr. Kelly Casperson, MD is a highly skilled urologist, podcaster, author, TEDx speaker and board-certified by the American Board of Urology and patient-approved for her outstanding service to Bellingham and its surrounding communities.

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Barbie Boules, RDN, CHWC

Registered Dietitian

Barbie Boules is a registered dietitian, certified health coach, and meditation teacher with over 22 years of experience

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Michelle Routhenstein, MS, RD, CDE, CDN

Cardiology Dietitian

Michelle is a Preventive Cardiology Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Cardiology Dietitian.

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Le’Nise Brothers

Registered Nutritionist mBANT, mCNHC

Le’Nise Brothers is a registered nutritionist, mBANT, mCNHC, specialising in women’s health, hormones and the menstrual cycle.

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Dr. Jessica Singh, LCSW, CST

Clinical Sexologist

Dr. Jessica Singh is a clinical sexologist specializing in issues related to body image, disordered eating, intimate relationships, and sexuality. Jessica is one of the leading experts in treating sexual dysfunction in eating disorder recovery.

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Selina Kuok

Clinical Nutritionist

Selina is a Clinical Nutritionist and helps people of all ages to overcome their health challenges and achieve optimal well-being.

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Nick "Chops" Hsu

Yoga Teacher

Through his unique practice, Chops supports people to awaken the deep layer muscles to promote the spine’s longevity. This, in turn, has the ability to dramatically alter a person's posture, resolve discomfort, release tension and alleviate pain.

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Shirley Chong

TCM Practitioner

Shirley has 20 years of experience as a Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner and a Registered Pharmacist in Australia.

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Tricia Yap

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Tricia is an internationally accredited strength coach, functional medicine health coach and a familiar face on the HK health and wellness scene.

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Dr. Emilie Berthet Clairet

MD, Holistic Nutritionist

A registered medical doctor in her native France, Dr. Emilie works as a nutritionist and holistic practitioner. Her approach recognises that everyone is different, with varying genetics, tastes and lifestyles, and that each person has their own healthy way of life to find.

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Dr. Lauren Powell


Dr. Powell's objective is to educate African American patients about diet and food preparation affects health. Her goal is to end generational patterns of adverse health outcomes in the African American community through teaching healthy cooking techniques.

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Meredith Kelly

Licensed Massage Therapist

Meredith Kelly is a highly accomplished Licensed Massage Therapist and essential oils expert based in the United States. With over two decades of experience in the field, she has established herself as a leading authority in therapeutic touch and the use of essential oils for health.

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